Transportation facilities security
Russian Railways PJSC tests the system at several railroad sections
The aim of the tests is railway traffic organization
Railroads are the most important throughways of the country, and they cannot operate without monitoring and control automation, same as any up-to-date transportation system. Railroads infrastructure operation requires real-time monitoring of trains movement and railtrack condition.
Localization acoustic influence
• Damage to railway track
• Monitoring the condition of the railway track
• Tracking trains
The Dunay system allows to record works progressing along railtracks, register trains speed, record cargo dragging in case of emergencies. The sensor allows to do the following in real-time mode: reveal wage wheels defects, find gripping brake boxes and determine worn wage wheels. Besides, the continuous data analysis helps to reveal on time any degradation or damage of the railroad tracks and to detect rockfalls.

A big advantage of the system is its immunity to electromagnetic disturbance. The sensor operates fault-free under lightning discharges, tolerates the vicinity to electric mains, and ensures sustainable operation under substantial electromagnetic disturbances.
Example of recording a rail car passage (a series of screenshots): horizontal axis — time, vertical axis — distance. In the image, one may see wage wheels clamoring.
One of the most common reasons for the failure of fiber optic communication lines is the accidental fiber cable break. It can be caused by works near the cable line or vandalism. Dunay allows preventing such an accident by notifying an operator about unauthorized works close to the communication line.
There is positive experience in using the Dunay system for restoring fiber optic communication lines.
Communication lines
One of the solutions for finding an optical cable