T8 Infinite Technologies

T8 Infinite Technologies
T8 SENSOR is the leader in developing fiber optic sensor systems in Russia and CIS countries. T8 SENSOR LLC is part of the T8 group and a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. The main areas of the activities are as follows: photonics research and development of distributed acoustic sensors. Several dozen staff members are employed by the company, including doctors of science.
Т8 Сенсор - лидер в разработке оптоволоконных сенсорных систем в России.
T8 SENSOR continuously works on development and engineering projects leading to new developments in the area of optical physics. All developments are covered with patents valid in the territory of the Russian Federation and the Eurasian Patent Convention. Part of the scientific research is done for T8, the leading telecommunications manufacturer in Russia.
Т8 Сенсор резидент ИЦ "Сколково"
Nowadays 8 million km of fiber are used in Russia. It is everywhere.Kilometer of fiber costs around $ 7−8. It is cheaper not only than wires but even than fishing lines. Fiber is a very sensitive element. It can be effectively applied for monitoring. Fiber sensors are able to show even insignificant acoustic distortions. If the cable is buried in the ground, it can detect approaching of a man or a car from 10 meter distance. Using this features, we developed fiber-optics monitoring system Dunay which allows to detect the point of distortion at a 75 km distance. We created and integrated a NeuroNet into the device which classifies distortions and allows to understand what is happening. Dunay is based on the same principles that we use in backbone line systems, reliability, monitoring and remote control.
Трещиков Владимир Николаевич
Т8 Sensor Ltd.,
PhD, Vladimir Treshchikov
The optics laboratory for photonics research is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and is among the best equipped ones in Russia. The company provides research and development services.

Developing modern high-tech telecom equipment and implementing innovative technologies require high professionalism and creative approach of the employees. A school for training and education of young specialists has been created; we select and promote the best graduates from leading Russian universities such as MIPT, MSU, Bauman MSTU, and others.

The company's laboratory has developed the innovative Dunay distributed acoustic sensor system intended for monitoring the security zones of extended objects: polygons and perimeters, pipelines, railways and motor roads, communication lines, and so on.

The first versions of Dunay hardware are already in operation at fuel and power plants and transportation facilities. Gazprom, Russian railways, Domodedovo Airport are among the system users.
The system adaptation for use within the railways infrastructure is an important field of the system development.
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